New initiatives in Agricultural Lands Leasing Program

Vineyard development on state trust lands near Walla Walla

DNR is rolling up its sleeves to refine the management of state trust lands in agriculture production. We want to keep our lessees, trust beneficiaries and the agricultural communities informed about changes in the works.

DNR continues to evaluate its leasing structures—cash rent versus crop share. Based on results of studies performed by Washington State University (WSU) and other states with similar situations with state-owned lands, we are instituting new methods of setting cash rents that will ensure fair market values to help stabilize school trust revenues.

Other DNR efforts will focus on gaining economies of scale through lease consolidation by combining leases that are adjacent or near each other, thereby reducing the total number of leases and administrative duties associated with them. The result will be increased efficiencies and better service for the needs of our lessees in a timely manner.