Another successful irrigation development project in DNR’s Southeast Region

Irrigation canal breached during off season.A new source of water is now available on a 200-acre school trust parcel in Adams County near Othello. For many years, the parcel had been irrigated with well water from the Odessa aquifer. The new, more reliable water supply comes from the East Columbia Basins Irrigation District’s East Low Canal. DNR had signed a new water service contract for this parcel in November of 2010.

forms built and concrete pouredThe “new” water is extra water that has become available as a result of water saving efforts throughout the federal Columbia Basin Irrigation Project.   

This project involved construction of a new turnout and a new electrical supply connecting the parcel with the canal system.

concrete cured and soils re-compactedLesse instrumental in success of project

DNR’s trust lands lessee was instrumental in coordinating the work, and provided hands-on oversight to assure that the project would be completed in time for the 2012 irrigation season. This photo gallery shows snapshots of the construction process.

 Chad Unland, Natural Resources Specialist, Southeast Region
Photos:  Chad Unland


Turn out constructed with the addition of a new electrical system, water box, irrigation pumps, and overflow.