Agriculture and Grazing Lease Viewer Introduced

In the July issue of The Dirt, an article about our expanded marketing efforts (“Plans for Expanded Marketing of Expiring Leases“) informed readers of an upcoming interactive map viewer on DNR’s website. The Agriculture and Grazing Lease Viewer is now available for use and can be accessed on DNR’s Leasing for Agriculture web page.

Agriculture & Grazing Lease Viewer

The DNR Leasing for Agriculture webpage, featuring links to new Agriculture & Grazing Lease Viewer.

The viewer helps you locate agriculture and grazing leases that will soon be available for bid. Clicking on a state parcel shown on the map will display information and links to more about that parcel. If no information is displayed, the parcel is either not being leased or is not currently available for bid.

DNR Agriculture and Grazing Lease mapUpcoming or recent public auctions are currently shown on a map (see image). In the next couple of months the map will also display leases that will be expiring soon.

Basic and detailed user guides, as well as directions for a mobile app are also displayed on the Leasing for Agriculture webpage. Try it and let us know how it works for you.