Columbia County Public Lease Auctions

DNR has three upcoming lease auctions in Columbia County. Two are scheduled for April 25, 2014. For more information, contact Palouse Unit Land Manager Ryan Cloud at (509) 545-2025; Lease Marketing Manager Kathleen Beach at (509) 925-0912; or view lease auction documents about each offering.

Columbia County dryland

Columbia County dryland in production. Photo: WSU

Dryland Agriculture and Grazing Lease No. 12-C60502:  The Territorial Road 36 lease public auction is for a nine (9) year eleven (11) month lease containing approximately 325.8 dryland crop acres and 314.2 grazing acres, all located in Section 36, Township 12 North, Range 38 East, W.M., containing 640 acres, more or less. This auction offers bidders an option to select one of two rental structure options associated with the dryland crop acres. (Under both lease options, annual grazing rent is $395.89.)

Lease Option 1: Annual cash rent for dryland agriculture of $16,775.44, plus leasehold tax at a rate of 12.84% of the rent paid. Total annual rent for dryland agriculture, including leasehold tax is $18,929.41.

Lease Option 2: Crop share division rent for dryland agriculture where the State’s share is 28% of crop, plus 8.6% leasehold tax (28 x 1.086). The total share of crop due to the State, including leasehold tax, is 30.41%.

Grazing Lease No. 10-A80788: The Kellogg Hollow 36 lease public auction is for a two (2) year, five (5) month lease described as that portion of Section 36 lying northeasterly of Kellogg Creek Road, Township 12 North, Range 37 East, W.M., Columbia County, containing five (5) grazing acres. Rent for the entire term of the lease is $500.10.

These sealed bid lease auctions will be held at the DNR’s Southeast Region Office on April 25, 2014. Auction of Lease No. 12-C60502 will be at 2:00 p.m. Auction of Lease No. 10-A80788 will be at 2:30 p.m. For bidder’s qualification packets, call (509) 925-0912.

Other Upcoming Lease Opportunities

Another Columbia County dryland agriculture lease that will be offered soon is the Crawl Hollow 36 lease. This lease, No. 12-B72535, is for a ten-year term and includes 251.48 acres of dryland crop land, and 54.5 acres in CRP. This lease is located in the W1/2 of Section 36, Township 10 North, Range 39 East, W.M. The auction date is yet to be determined.