DNR SE Region Reorganization to Improve Service Delivery

map: SE Region reorganizationThe Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continually pursues opportunities to improve program delivery and achieve management efficiencies. In 2014, we’ve carried that effort forward by reorganizing the responsibilities of our Land Managers and consolidating work centers within DNR’s Southeast Region. More specifically, these changes include:

  • Appointing Emma Barnett to manage nearly all rangeland and grazing agreements in the Southeast Region. Emma’s educational background, coupled with her land management expertise, will improve consistency in the Southeast Region’s grazing program. She’s looking forward to collaborating with everyone in supporting the sustainable management of DNR rangelands and grazeable woodlands.
  • Redistributing agricultural land management responsibilities for the region among five unit Land Manager positions as depicted in the area map with this article. The reconfiguration of the six (including grazing) unit Land Manager positions creates internal efficiencies while providing the same or better customer service to our stakeholders. If a DNR-managed property is used for both grazing and agricultural uses, leases will be managed by the agricultural Land Manager in most cases.
  • Closing DNR’s Ephrata and Ritzville offices so that all Land Manager positions are located either in the Tri-Cities or Ellensburg. This move will allow greater collaboration and consistency between management units and programs. The Unit Land Managers will be able to more effectively rely on each other as workload shifts between units, providing more timely and improved staff work, and better service to our many leasees.

We’re working to make these transitions as seamless as possible. If you have any questions about the reorganization you can either direct them to the Unit Land Manager in your area or call the Southeast Region office: (509) 925-8510.