Meet our Southeast Region Agriculture Administration Staff

Most lessees interact with their local Land Manager on a regular basis; however, there are three people behind the scenes who provide critical functions in managing agricultural trust properties in the Southeast Region. They also are the first line of contact when members of the public have questions about trust properties.

DNR Southeast Region agriculture administrative staff

From left to right: Linda Hazlett, Becky Kennedy, and Claudia Haddon. Photo: DNR.

Linda Hazlett, Claudia Haddon, and Becky Kennedy (photo) comprise our agriculture administrative staff. They have more than 60 years of combined experience at DNR. They are responsible for producing the documents that Land Managers need to keep leases up to date. This group processes thousands of documents annually; including new leases, assignments, and improvement authorizations. Additionally, they set up every new lease in our billing system to ensure that the lessee’s information is up to date in our system and that invoices are correct before they are mailed.

In addition to agricultural documents, the administrative staff processes the lease documents for gravel pits and other special uses such as wind power and communication sites. They also are responsible for managing all the data in SAP, which is our business software for tracking lease information.

This group is kept very busy all year long, and the field staff would like to thank our professional and competent administrative staff for all they do for us.