Agriculture Program Revenues Increase in Fiscal Year 2014

Spud_Harvest2The state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) saw a modest increase of 3.4 percent in its in the Agriculture and Water Program revenue for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) compared to the previous year. Income increased in most of the categories DNR tracks for trust lands in agriculture and grazing production: dryland, irrigated, orchard/vineyard, and grazing leases and range permits.

Several factors contributed to the revenue increase.

  • Lessees continue to work with DNR land managers to implement best-management and sustainable land management practices;
  • Commodity prices were generally favorable;
  • Sufficient rainfall in the dryland regions produced higher yields per acre and higher protein percentages; and
  • DNR continues to increase its marketing efforts for leases going to public auction.

Revenue from 85 percent of the state trust lands in agriculture and grazing production are Common School trust lands, which help build K-12 public schools statewide.

Fiscal Year 2014 Results for Agriculture Leasing and Grazing Permits

Lease Type Number of Leases Acres FY 2014 Revenue Income Per Acre
Dryland 602 127,971 $6,393,612 $49.96
Irrigated 154 34,046 $6,720,744 $197.40
Orchard/Vineyard 99 15,460 $9,425,803 $609.69
Grazing 781 589,885 $598,149 $1.01
Range Permits 43 313,358 $325,284 $1.04
Totals 1,679 1,201,058 $23,463,592  
DNR ag and grazing revenue-2013 v. 2014

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by Pat Ryan, DNR Agriculture Program Manager